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The City of Dallas makes crime incident data available to the public via the Internet. The City uploads the data onto their Dallas Police Department web site every morning about 6:00am.

The data consists of public information about crimes reported the previous day as well as updates to earlier crime incidents. All data has been approved for public dissemination by the City Attorney. Note that names and/or addresses are withheld in certain categories of crimes, such as crimes involving children.

This site generates Crime Reports specifically tailored for pre-defined neighborhoods. Each neighborhood consists of a specific set of street names and block numbers. A Crime Report for each neighborhood listed on this site is uploaded to this site every morning. The report includes available crime incident data for the neighborhood going back to January 1, 2018.

(Note that we avoid use of Beats and Reporting Areas in the selection process as they are occasionally incorrect or missing.)

We welcome new Dallas neighborhoods. Please contact us to be added.

the reports
The report for each neighborhood is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (see sample report above). Each report is generated using Excel version 2003. If you don't have Excel (it comes with Microsoft Office), you can download a free Excel viewer from Microsoft. Google "Excel Viewer 2003" for where to find it and instructions or contact us. Please be careful to download the viewer only from a site at We know that one is safe.

downloading the reports
When you click on a neighborhood to download, if your browser pops up a message at the top of the screen to allow you to elect to download the file or not, click Download. You may have to reselect the neighborhood and click on it again but the second attempt should proceed to ask you if you want to open or save. You'll probably want to save to your hard drive so you can review it later. Please contact us if you have any trouble downloading the reports.
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If you would like your neighborhood added to our list of neighborhoods, please have your Crime Watch Chairperson or VIP Coordinator or HOA representative contact us at We are a free service and welcome more neighborhoods. Note that we only have access to City of Dallas data so we can only report on neighborhoods within the City of Dallas, Texas.
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This site is operated by a non profit organization providing a free public service.